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THE ACADEMY AWARDS with Billy Crystal


Hosting the Oscars is a big job! Let alone the challenge of living up to the expectations of previous great hosts like Bob Hope and Johnny Carson, it’s an event all its own, requiring writing, singing, dancing, and the hosting skills to engage the audience of the biggest stars in the world, while keeping a billion television viewers across the globe from switching the channel. The talent has to move out of their normal comfort zone into a place that will stretch their talents to a new level. Whenever, we are “out of our comfort zone” we forget this most important rule.

Like the host, we have to look confident, secure, happy and strong! Posture is the one common denominator that will give you the appearance of success and victory! With 1 billion people watching you, the one thing every host has to do well is to stand up straight. Posture is key and requires feet a shoulder’s width apart, knees soft/slightly bent, back straight, shoulders slightly pulled down and back, chin parallel to the floor, with abs contracted by pulling belly button into spine—you now breath normally, smile and act natural like it’s the way you always stand! Practice makes perfect or at least it makes you conscious of your posture when sitting, standing and moving.