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The Human Level

The Human Level is your key to perfect balance and technique. This tool allows you to fully engage each muscle group while stimulating the neural components that send the signals to your muscles to contract. You can take this product anywhere and use it at anytime, making it one of the most useful tools to your fitness belt.

 Total Gym

Total Gym is the world’s leading privately-held manufacturer of functional and bodyweight training equipment. Founded in 1974, the San Diego-based company’s Total Gym products are used in 14,000 physical therapy clinics, athletic training facilities, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams and health clubs, inspiring over 24 million workouts per year worldwide.


Most canes are fine for standing. But what about when you’re getting up from a chair, getting out of a car and climbing up stairs? Traditional canes just weren’t designed for it. But the very first time you use a HurryCane®, you realize how delightfully different it is. That’s because we built it from the ground up to feel like an extension of the body. And that’s why people everywhere are loving it.