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STAYIN’ ALIVE with John Travolta


The complete fitness makeover for men and women requires everything John Travolta did to train and perform in the movie “Staying Alive.”  Seen by many in Hollywood as the movie that launched the personal training movement, this movie changed the way today’s actor trains for a film role. To the thespian, it’s the character that dictates everything to the actor about voice, facial movement, body movement and attitude. “Staying Alive” training was a 3-month boot camp type of training to create the appearance and performance of a professional dancer! It included all day dance rehearsals for dance technique, late afternoon strength training, a balanced nutrition program to ensure 100% of the USRDA recommended vitamins and minerals, eating 3 meals and 2 snacks at specific times of the day, and specific core muscle endurance exercises to ensure a professional dancers appearance. It worked because of John’s discipline, accountability, motivation and reward.

IRULE #8 Include All the Cornerstones for Success: Discipline, Accountability, Motivation and Reward!